Rena Denson Tries to Run Over HS Football Players Who Hazed Her Son

I am telling you right now— Mrs. Denson does not look like a mother you want to play around with.  That is one scary mugshot.

Hazing for high School football players is somewhat routine.

I was tied to a goal post my freshman year and cold weather was dumped on my head.

Like anything, there is a fine line that you don’t cross. And if you believe Mrs. Denson’s version of events, the football players at Phillips High School in Orlando crossed it.

Mrs. Denson didn’t want to wait for the legal process to take its course, so she decided to handle things her own way:

Six students were charged last month with misdemeanors in a suspected attack on her son, which some have labeled hazing. Darrion, 15, told Orlando police he was beaten in the locker room Sept. 7, and he accused other players of throwing chairs at him, choking him and stuffing him inside a garbage can, a police report shows.

Rena Denson drove onto the practice field that day, complained to the principal and called Orlando police, the report states. She was arrested for driving onto the field, her husband, Porter Denson, told the Orlando Sentinel.

As he waited at the jail for his wife to be released Friday night, Porter Denson called her arrest a “miscarriage of justice” and said it was an act of retaliation by authorities for his public outrage over his son’s attack.

“This is my punishment for speaking up,” Denson said. He claimed the arrest was racially motivated and said he was outraged that while the students who he said put his son in the hospital were charged with misdemeanors, his wife now faces a felony charge.

“Let’s look at the facts here, who did she put in the hospital?” Denson said.

It does seem a bit odd that the kids that beat up her son got misdemeanors while Mrs Denson, who didn’t strike anyone with her car, has a felony charge.

We all know though that our justice system is backwards.


If true, and the kids were choking and throwing chairs at her son that is way too much— I don’t know what her intention was when she drove on the field, but unless she was going 80 MPH right at the kids, I don’t understand why she was thrown in jail.

It seems the police are targeting the wrong people. There are some conflicting reports on if Mrs. Denson’s son exaggerated what was going on. The police should be more concentrated on finding out the truth than putting his mom behind bars.

It is just a bad story all the way around. I hope the police do their jobs and investigate it properly so something like this doesn’t happen again.

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