Rex and Michelle Ryan Offered Booth at Adult Entertainment Expo

Here is the thing, as my friend Stiletto Jill said on her twitter, what is worse?  Rex getting his Tiger Woods on or doing some freaky foot stuff with his wife?

The couple that Youtubes together stays together I say.  More power to them, as long as the sex tape doesn’t leak I am good.

If I was Rex and Michelle I would accept this invitation to the Adult Entertainment Expo it would fun, people need to lighten up., which boasts the biggest fetish clip store online, is extending a $10,000 offer for Ryan and his wife Michelle, to sign autographs and take pictures in their very own booth at the porn convention.


There is nothing illegal about showing your feet on youtube, just one thing Michelle Ryan needs to remember.  Don’t ever accept an invitation from Lenny Dykstra.

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