Rex Ryan Regrets Cutting Danny Woodhead

We all watched “Hard Knocks”.

When we weren’t making fun of Cromartie’s kids, Braylon’s Beard, or Rex Ryan getting snacks, one thing was perfectly clear—Joe McKnight was going to be a bust.  I understand that you can only learn so much by watching an hour show that it edited, but you didn’t need to be Gil Brandt to see that McKnight wasn’t ready to play in the NFL this year.

It was also crystal clear that Danny Woodhead was a better player in every shape, form and fashion than McKnight except for one thing.

McKnight had pedigree and 4th round draft status, so the Jets who say they are about playing the best players wouldn’t cut him over Woodhead.

It was like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang.  Robin Givens had the pedigree, so Murphy was blinded to the fact that Halle Berry was better for him.  It was only until Givens played him that Murphy came to his senses and got with Berry.

Unfortunately for the Jets, they weren’t so lucky and didn’t get a second chance with Woodhead:

“Do I regret cutting [Danny Woodhead]?” Ryan said to ESPN New York.  “Yeah, absolutely, right now I do.”

The Jets signed Woodhead as an undrafted free out of Division II Chadron State in 2008. The team waived him on Sept. 14  to make room for rookie Joe McKnight, who has only seen four carries through 11 games.

The lesson to be learned here is this: no matter the draft status or what college a player went to, the best players should play.  It should have been McKnight that was cut. I doubt he would be making a difference on any roster right now, while Woodhead is a key contributor for the Patriots.

Will the Football Gods allow Woodhead to exact revenge on Rex Ryan and his smedium sweater-vest on Monday Night?

You will have to tune in to see.

6 thoughts on “Rex Ryan Regrets Cutting Danny Woodhead

  • A lot of people should regret on not picking up Woodhead. He was a beast at college and no one wanted to draft because he was from a small school. Well look at him now lol.

  • While I think the Patriots are overrated this year (hurts for me to say 'cause I was ridin' with 'em when they were the laughing stock of the NFL), I believe Woodhead to be a BALLAHOLIC. He just needed the opportunity. That's why Belichek has 3 Superbowl rings. He can put what's preceived as marginal talent (players that are overlooked), and make them successful. Hasn't history taught ya anything? USC offensive players are OVERRATED; Carson Palmer, Matt Leinhart, Dwayne Jarrett, Reggie Bush, now Joe McKnight……….If ya gotta go USC, go with DEFENSE; Willie McGinest, Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing………………just sayin'!!!!!!!!

  • lol, isn't it funny how all the hyped up schools and players, so many don't amount to squat in the NFL. Guys outta nowhere are successful in this league, add to it the non-playoff and it's just another reason why i don't watch college football.

  • To be fair to USC's offense, Matt Cassel came out of USC, and he might not be the best QB in the league but he is getting the job done in KC. Oh wait thats right, USC never played him… big surprise.

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