Roy Williams: “I’ve Been Most Consistent WR on Cowboys Roster”

Normally I start out with a couple of witty sentences before I get to the quote, but I just want you to read this first from Cowboys’ Wide Receiver and chronic underachiever Roy Williams:

“I’m nowhere near trying to toot my own horn because I’m not that type of player, but I’ve been the most consistent wide receiver that we have on this roster. That can go back all the way to OTAs, training camp and during the season. I’m not getting very many opportunities but I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to do. I’m run blocking, lining up, doing things I’m supposed to do, a lot of things that don’t make Sports Center but a lot of things that my coaches see and my teammates see as well.

Roy is deep in the Matrix, I mean subterranean deep.

My favorite part of the quote is that Williams thinks he should be applauded for “lining up”.

Alcoholics and drug addicts are always in denial, it is never them, it is always someone else. They never do anything wrong, fault is always passed along.

Williams doesn’t want to “toot his on horn”, before saying he is better than every other Cowboys’ wide receiver on the roster.

If you asked all 32 teams including the Cowboys what receivers would you want off the Dallas roster, Roy would be lucky if he was chosen third behind Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.

I think he is a curse and even though he wants to “retire” a Cowboy, they need to get rid of him as soon as the season is over.

11 thoughts on “Roy Williams: “I’ve Been Most Consistent WR on Cowboys Roster”

  • "…do a lot of things that don't make sportscenter". like catch touchdown passes, maybe? things like that?

  • I could not have said it better

  • Actually… he's correct. This season he has been the most consistent WR on the roster. Is he the best? No… Is he the flashiest? No. Is he the fastest? No…. but he really has been the most consistent this year. It's amazing what a little competition from a rookie will do for you.

  • That [email protected] daffy duck pic cracks me up every time, but it is so appropriate for the nonsense that some of these cats be on, especially if they near an open mic or twitter feed!

  • So consistent that he has the ball on the 15 yard line about the cap off a great combeback against the Saints only to never see Malcolm Jenkins come from behind and knock the ball loose. Giving NO life and more drive resulting in another Dallas loss. He can talk all day long about fundamentals and unflashy things not making sportscenter but elite consistent receivers sense the heat from the D and hit the deck knowing the game would be over. Instead he need to try and get extra yards out of the play.

    Shut your mouth Roy.

    • LMAO!!!! "Shut your mouth Roy" Priceless!!!

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