Shaunie O’Neal: “Grant Hill is Only Faithful Man In The NBA”

First thing I would like to address is that Shaunie O’Neal could definitely get a lamp rearrangement.  She isn’t the finest or the most sexy basketball wife, groupie, mistress or girlfriend that I have ever met, but she has the look.

Did you know she was married to another guy when she met Shaq?  Went from UPS guy to posted in the paint so to speak.  She seems intelligent, so when she makes a statement, I normally listen.

My thoughts are 99% of athletes cheat, that would leave 1% that is faithful and Shaunie think she knows who that is.

“Someone asked me recently if I knew any basketball player who is faithful. … I think that I do know one that is faithful. Personally.

If someone made me bet on who is faithful (in the NBA) I’d say Grant Hill.

When asked if she knew of any other player who was faithful to his wife or partner, O’Neal said:

“I wouldn’t bet (on it). No.”

Grant Hill’s wife Tamia is beautiful, but so is Eva Longoria, so that doesn’t really mean anything. I have covered Grant Hill since he was rocking the high top fade at Duke. So we are talking about 20 years and I have never heard anyone say a bad word about him.

This wasn’t like a Tiger Woods situation where the public was duped and the people on the inside knew about Tiger’s man whorish ways.

Everyone I have ever talked to media, fans, strippers and etc all say Hill is a good guy.

So do I believe Shaunie?

The best way I can put it is that I wouldn’t gamble my money on it, but I might gamble yours on it. If he is cheating, Tamia can cry on my shoulder any time.

11 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal: “Grant Hill is Only Faithful Man In The NBA”

  • Word, Shaunie is Supa Dupa fly.

  • Yeah, you called that right. Don’t know what “it” is, but she got “it.”

    • She definitely has something.

  • I aint sure she is too far off…but if you let yourself be cheat on, shame on you.

  • I wouldn't put my rent money on it, but she could be right. I remember him being interviewed 1-2 years ago. He was saying that he doesn't take solo pictures with females, nor does he allow any woman to enter his hotel room….even if it's room service. So it's possible.

    • Either that or he just smarter than any other athletes with his creeping

  • Tamia looks good man damn!

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