Shawn Marion Using Super Bowl Tickets To Help Sell His Home

I like it when athletes disconnect themselves from the Matrix.

You should use your brain, it is a tool. Shawn Marion is having a tough time selling his home and in this economy, that isn’t surprising— especially million dollar estates.

But Marion has thought of an added incentive to get more potential buyers.

Marion is offering four club-level Super Bowl tickets — along with private jet service to and from the game — to whomever buys his beautiful, 7,300-square foot home in Miami.

His home, located in an exclusive South Florida waterfront community, went on the market Thursday. The price tag is $2,000,000.

“We just sat down and were brainstorming ways to maximize the exposure that the home would get, and the light bulb went on,” Marion told FanHouse Thursday night. “We said, ‘Let’s run with this (Super Bowl idea) and see what happens.”’

As a man, if I am looking at properties (and had an extra two million lying around) and one was giving away Super Bowl tickets with a jet service and the other was taking a few thousands off closing costs, which one do you think I am taking?

Very smart idea by Marion and his team— I am curious if he gets it sold before the Super Bowl. My guess is he will.

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  • If a man(or woman) has 2 mill for a crib & is interested in attending the SB, chances are he or she already has tickets. The game is roughly 2 months away.

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