Source: Carmelo Anthony Will Only Accept Trade to Knicks

If Anthony wants to go to the Knicks, be quiet, play hard and wait until you are a FREE AGENT.

By making demands like he is Tony Montana, he is proving all the people who say that he is spoiled and not a true leader correct.

Carmelo Anthony has told the Denver Nuggets he will not sign the nearly $65 million contract extension he has been offered unless he is traded to the New York Knicks, a source told on Sunday.

Anthony was again coy in discussing his future, but he did move the needle somewhat in making a prediction that the Nuggets will not trade him to a destination that is not on his wish list.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think that will happen,” Anthony said.

Asked why he would make such a definitive statement, Anthony demurred “I don’t want to answer that. I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Everybody’s yelling out the windows: ‘Melo we need you in New York.’ Of course that feels good when you know someone out there wants you to come and represent their team and represent their city. That’s what I took from that,” Anthony said.

These are very disrespectful comments considering he is under contract with the Nuggets. I know the Nuggets don’t want to be left empty handed, but I wouldn’t bow down to his demands. If he wants to be traded this year, he will either have to go to the team that gives the Nuggets the best offer or just play until his contract is up.

Leaking all this information (don’t be naive these leaks come from Melo’s camp, he must have learned that from Lebron) only makes him look bad and lessens the chance of a trade happening.

4 thoughts on “Source: Carmelo Anthony Will Only Accept Trade to Knicks

  • Has Melo ever said he wanted to be traded,NO.Denver are the ones talking about trading Melo,besides why is Denver only offering Melo a 3 yrs deal meanwhile bums like Chris Bosh are getting 5yr deals.will someone answer me that?

    • That's the max they can offer in an extension, can offer longer if he is free agent

  • lol. I cannot believe that Anthony's finally in NYC. Feels like it was never gonna to come to. The Knicks are finally contenders!!

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