Sports Reporters Twitter Beef: Jay Glazer vs. Jason La Canfora


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Normally it is a rappers, entertainers, twitter escorts and athletes beefing on Twitter, but sports journalists?

Does that mean Twitter has jumped the sharked?

Of course this is all over Brett Favre (you can read the tweets above).  Favre is like the high school cheerleader all the boys fight over.  You know Chris Berman wants to jump in.

Glazer of Fox Sports reported that Favre would be fined not suspended, La Canfora of the NFL Network thought it was funny that people were saying this was “breaking news” since he had been reporting it for months.

He didn’t mention anyone by name, but Glazer took offense and basically went with a standard rap beef answers of:

“You don’t want to compare stories broke.”

La Canfora answered that only the guilty speaks when their name wasn’t mentioned (that is a solid point).  If it was a fight Glazer would win, but in regards to the twitter battle I am going to give it to La Canfora for staying cool while Glazer collar got a little ruffled.

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  • Have you met them at any NFL events Blacksportsonline goes to?

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