Steelers Safety Ryan Clark: “The Haters Might Drive Me Off Twitter”

Ryan Clark of the big bad Steelers says people on Twitter are being mean to him (cry me a river), so he is going to take his talents to Tumblr, Facebook or some other place he can act “moist”.

What is my response to this:

Here is a little secret: people are going to say stupid stuff, but if every time someone says your Dougie isn’t tight, are you going to cry?  Are you going to run to Mike Tomlin and lay your head on his shoulder?  Maybe you and Ben can talk it over in the bathroom.

Do you want your groupies to make you feel better Ryan?  Are you sending DMs like Ray Allen now? Do you want everyone to say how important your presence is to Twitter?

I think Ryan Clark is forgetting one thing.

He isn’t Troy Polamalu.

People would care more about me leaving Twitter than Ryan Clark. What would people do without brilliant tweets like:

“Practice was good. It wasn’t that cold out there. Coach said we needed the elements, must admit I could’ve done without!!!”

Get off the mobile web Ryan, it isn’t 2007—download a Twitter app and step your game up and stop your whining. No one cares if you stay on Twitter or not. You don’t have haters and you aren’t Lebron, you are Mo Williams.

And if this post hurt your feelings like those tweets obviously did….

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  • Yo Rob – you suck as a person. Ryan Clark is a brilliant player, a family man, a spiritual person, and funnier and smarter than you'll ever hope to be. Why should he or anyone want to put up with idiots like you? What a small, small man you are.

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