Teams Willing to Rent Carmelo Anthony Without Contract Extension

A couple of things should be made clear.

Melo is not signing an extension unless he is traded to the Knicks.

My sources are telling me that the Nets have been trying to convince him for months and are still trying to get him to change his mind and he hasn’t budged.

The Nets are hesitant to give up half their team and hope Carmelo signs with them long term, when it is more likely he will just bolt to the Knicks in the Summer.

Other teams may be willing to take that gamble:

Ken Berger of reports that the Dallas Mavericks are ready to join in on the Carmelo Anthony trade talks, and an extension isn’t a prerequisite for discussions.

The Dallas Mavericks are plotting an aggressive push to acquire Carmelo Anthony, even if they don’t get assurances that the three-time All-Star would agree to a contract extension as part of the trade, league sources told Berger also mentions the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic as possible players in a rental scenario.

Unless Melo was traded to one of these teams, and they won the NBA Title is the only way he would consider resigning with them. The Mavericks would have the best shot, but once again my sources are telling me that regardless if he stays with the Nuggets or is traded to another team in a Rent-A-Melo situation he will be Knick next year.

Then he can tweet for Amber Rose too.

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