The New Jersey Nets are The King of the WAGs…


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The Nets might be 7-20, but you can’t question their taste in the ladies.

Which is why I can’t understand why Carmelo Anthony is so hesitant to accept a trade there— LaLa would fit right in with the crew.

The 7-20 Nets are more interesting off the court than on it, said the New York Times Saturday. They can compete with anybody, anytime, anywhere when it comes to beautiful WAGs, or wives or girlfriends of athletes. Along with Kardashian, the team recently traded for Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers, who’s engaged to tennis star Maria Sharapova. Part-owner Jay Z is married to singer Beyonce.

The starting five of ladies could questionably be better than the starting five of the Nets.

LaLa is the point guard, Beyonce shooting guard, Kimmy at small forward, Sharapova at power forward and they just need to find a reject from the basketball wives to play center.

It would be like the 96 Bulls.