Titans RB Chris Johnson: “I Was Snubbed For the Pro Bowl”

Johnson wasn’t snubbed.

To be snubbed you have to be blatantly better than another player who get in ahead of you.

Maurice Jones Drew, Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster all were deserving, Johnson is deserving as well, but you can only choose three.

Here is what Johnson had to say:

I actually think my stock and value have gone up. If you look at the whole situation, my value hasn’t gone down,” Johnson said Wednesday. “You can’t just look at the numbers. You have to look at how defenses play you. You have to look at how consistent I have been in the first three years of my career. I get a lot of attention out there — eight or nine guys are in the box every game. So you can’t just look at the yardage.

“My durability, the attention I am getting … All the backs ahead of me, I can assure you none of those guys are getting eight or nine in the box every game almost every play. So I feel like my value has gone up.”

I don’t disagree with what he is saying, but there was no injustice in him not making the Pro Bowl. I think he has proved that is he is deserving of a contract extension that is in line with his production.

He has been durable and has proven for three straight seasons he is an elite running back.

He should get paid.

3 thoughts on “Titans RB Chris Johnson: “I Was Snubbed For the Pro Bowl”

  • CJ , was snubbed,no RB in the league had to run against 8,9 or at times 10.CJ is the most talented RB in the league.With the total disfunction of the QB situation and WR injuries the opposing defenses only had to zero in on CJ.That is impossible odds and CJ put his head down and gave it all he had.This great RB is (fast or faster than) Tony Dorsett who was always looking for the sidelines so not to get hit CJ brings it like Earl Campbell with the little body.Titans owner is ripping CJ off by not paying him his worth to the team,the city the league all making huge $$$ while CJ compared to other NFL stars money is making pennies.

    • Regardless of talent, Pro Bowls are about production. Do you also think that Chad Johnson should be in the Pro Bowl? What about Lee Evans? Based on what you and CJ said, these guys should also be Pro Bowlers.

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