Titans WR Kenny Britt Supports Vince Young With Towel Shoutout

With each passing day, support swings more in favor of Vince Young and Jeff Fisher is going the Howard Dean route.

Kenny Britt returned from injury Thursday Night and played okay—more importantly than that, he had a message for teammate Vince Young.

The second-year pro also generated some attention with his wardrobe. In the first half, Britt wore a white towel with #10 VY written on it in black ink, a reference to quarterback Vince Young, who is on injured reserve. Britt changed towels at halftime.

Coach Jeff Fisher complimented Britt for fighting back from his injury. He did not address Britt’s towel. Britt bolted the locker room without speaking to reporters.

The Titans know how to exit a locker room without being seen, they must have secret tunnels or something.

I am sure Britt was told to get rid of the towel, but the message was sent that there are many in the Titans’ locker room that still have Young’s back and are not afraid to publicly show it.

This is very similar to what happened in Philadelphia with Terrell Owens and the Eagles. Owens, regardless of what you’ve heard on ESPN, had a ton of support in the Eagles locker room and it splintered it.

The only way to rectify this is someone has to go.

Looks like that person will be Jeff Fisher.

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