Troy Smith To Start for the 49ers

If I am Troy Smith, I am trying to do the best I can and look for a better situation in 2011.  He should have never been taken out of the starting lineup and once again Mike Singletary proves that he looks the part of a head coach a lot more than actual being a head coach.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that Mike Singletary will go back to Troy Smith, just two weeks after benching him for Alex Smith.  At the time of the benching, Alex Smith’s mastery of the playbook was given as the primary reason for the move.

There are a few people who believe that if the 49ers make the playoffs at 7-9 in the god awful NFC West, that Singletary will be retained.

The analogy I like to use for that is this.

Eminem debuts #1 on the billboard charts with 500k copies sold.

He is #1 for five more weeks.

On the 6th week on his way to two million copies sold he sells 70k copies.  Waka Flacka debuts the same week at 71k.  Technically he sold more, but are you going to discount the other five weeks?

The 49ers may win the division, but are you going to discount the fact the entire season which has been a failure?

If the 49ers organization were smart, they would be “Not Afraid” to send Singletary to Revis Island after the season.

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