UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Retires

It is about time.

It shouldn’t take getting knocked out cold twenty times in a row to know it is time to hang them up.  When I say knocked out cold I mean “Paul Williams” style.

With that being said, UFC would not be as popular as it currently without Liddell.  He was the Bob Backlund of the UFC.  Do some research and you will know what I am talking about about.

The past couple of months, Liddell began giving serious consideration to never stepping into the Octagon again as a fighter. With the support of those closest to him, Liddell concluded it was time to call it quits. “I’ve been fighting for a long time,” Liddell told ESPN.com. “I talked to my family and friends about it. In this last fight [against Franklin], it seemed I wasn’t able to take a shot like I used to. And I just haven’t been able to put together wins.

“If I can’t compete with the best or if I’m not fighting for a title, then I have nothing to prove.”

I am glad he is able to leave the sport with all his faculties and he will continue to work for the UFC in some capacity.

If he ever thinks about entering a ring again Dana White should slap him write him a check and send him on his way.

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