Video: Brett Favre “Crip Walking”

It is poetic justice that BSO’s last story of 2010 will be of Brett Favre.

The reason being is that when I started BSO back in 2006, Favre was talking about retiring and here we are almost five years later and we still can’t get rid of him.

Favre shows off his dancing skills (a little Roger Rabbit, Hammer Dance, some 2 stepping, but no Dougie surprisingly).

If there is one thing we have learned is that rain, sleet, snow, Lil Favre, injuries, NFL, voicemails, lightening strikes, stakes to the heart, kryptonite, Brad Childress or a bullet to the head can stop Brett Favre from relinquishing his title of the biggest attention whore of the last decade.

And I can’t even lie things are more interesting when he is around I hope he plays until he is 60.

Happy New Year Brett, I am sure we haven’t heard the last of you.

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