Video: Chargers RB Mike Tolbert Teaches You How To Dougie Unfortunately


You know who wears Skinny Jeans?

Skinny men.

These are also the guys who came up with the Dougie, skinny jeans guys. What happens when big guys try to Dougie?

I present you to Mike Tolbert who makes Big Baby Davis’ Dougie look tame by comparison. You can tell Tolbert spend many hours in the mirror practicing for this moment.

You can’t stop the Dougie you can only hope to contain it.

I hope that Mike Tolbert who has been a great fantasy find for me, only does this when he scores touchdowns not when he is actually at the club, because that would be a bit strange seeing a 5’10 260 pound running back doing the Dougie on the dance floor. One wrong move he could break a guy’s nose Bathroom Ben style.


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