Video: Chiefs OL Barry Richardson Sideline Meltdown..Pushes Coach


If this was Terrell Owens, it would have shut down ESPN. But since it is a random offensive lineman, no one is talking about it.

What people don’t know is that sideline altercations happen all the time, but normally they don’t entail the player trying to get back in the game and then physically pushing an assistant coach.

Here is what led up to the blow up:

The Chiefs took Richardson out of the game after a false start penalty, and he went nuts yelling on the sideline. He tried to get back into the game and was retrieved. At one point, he was going nuts yelling and appeared to push special teams coach Steve Hoffman.

There is no excuse to put your hands on your coach. I wonder how the Chiefs will handle this because it is clear insubordination on Richardson’s part.

When a 300 pound plus man shoves a man in the chest, he feels it— it wasn’t a love tap.

This once again shows the difference in how the media cover things— since Richardson isn’t a big name, it won’t get a lot of attention, but it is something that needs to be addressed.


  1. I wouldn't say nobody's talking about it. I just watched the NFL Network spend almost two separate 30 minute segments debating it.

    And to be fair, the coach shouldn't have put his hands on him first. That's why he got pushed. You're the special teams coach, you worry about special teams. Let the head, defensive or offensive lines coach handle that.

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