Video: David Buehler Missed PAT Leads To Cowboys Loss Against Cardinals

Pretty much sums up the Cowboys season in a nutshell.

It isn’t the talent on the roster, it is the simple things that have caused the Cowboys downfall. The sad part about Buehler missed PAT is that it was a pure shank. You rarely see a missed PAT unless something goes horribly wrong.

He had just a hit a 53 yard field goal, which makes this miss even more improbable.

This pretty much guarantees that Buehler won’t be on the second season (if it isn’t canceled) of Football Wives.

I don’t need to tell you what happened after this. The Cardinals soon thereafter kicked the game winning field goal which should have been a field goal to send the game in to overtime.

Not the best way to end Christmas if you are a Cowboy fan.