Video: Desean Jackson Game Winning Punt Return TD Against Giants

Just watch……………………

Are you still in awe of what the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick did in the last seven minutes against the New York Giants?

They scored 28 points.

Most teams struggle to score 28 points in a game, but 28 points in seven minutes? Even with Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl, that would be hard to accomplish.

While Tom Coughlin wants to blame his punter for the loss (he should have kicked it out of bounds) maybe someone should ask him why his team wasn’t prepared for an onside kick that give the Eagles life? Would he like to blame himself for that piece of bad coaching and continue to yell at his punter?

All that was by Coughlin was attempt to lay blame on someone else and hope people don’t ask him how they blew that game. That is weak on Coughlin’s behalf.

Hate him or love him, DeSean Jackson is a playmaker and simply put, when his team needed him, he came up huge and for once he did a smart thing by the goal line making sure all the time ran off the clock before his scored.

What more can you say about Michael Vick? This was his signature win and he just made the MVP race a bit closer—he is right behind Tom Brady’s hair.

Few things in sports leave me speechless but this game is one I will remember for a long time.

One of the greatest endings I have ever witnessed.

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