Video: Dwyane Wade Does The George Jefferson Dance

The South Beach NWO, since their destruction of the Cavs, have been on a roll. Looks like D Wade and the King of Receding Hairlines are finally figuring out a way to work together on the court.

During a Saturday beat down of the Sacramento Kings, Wade threw down a dunk and busted out an impromptu dance— here is how he described it.

“I have no idea,” Wade said. “That was spontaneous. I know people are going to kill me for that, I know these guys are going to kill me for it. But it was just spontaneous. I don’t really get too many tip dunks. So I was excited, you know. It felt good.”

What should we call it?

“Hey, whatever they want to give it,” Wade said. “(Sideline reporter Jason Jackson) said they called it the George Jefferson already. So they can roll with it.”

I don’t know if I would call it the George Jefferson, you know what I would call it.