Video: Floyd Mayweather Verbally Abusing a Security Guard

I agree with Floyd in this particular instance.  Even though his language was a bit colorful, he is probably right I doubt they would have given the Maloofs as much hassle to open the gate.

With that being said Mayweather has to understand that right now the public and law enforcement spotlight is very bright on him.  All these little incidents could lead up to something bigger.

Then he won’t have to worry about getting into his mansion because his house will be behind bars.

It all went down Sunday December 19 around 4 AM — when Floyd drove up to the main gate and the security guard asked him for ID.

That’s when Mayweather went ballistic — screaming, “Let me in my mother f**king house!!! You know who I am man … let me in my house!!!”

Mayweather continues, “Stop giving me a hard time … you don’t give Maloof a hard time … you don’t ask him for ID when he comes.”

During his tantrum — Floyd also references a prior incident with security in which the boxer was accused of battering one of the guards during a parking dispute … saying, “I had a problem here before when the security lied and said I touched him and I didn’t!”

Mayweather and the Top Flight Security at his complex have some issues they need to work out. This tape could be used against him in his battery case even though he professes his innocence in the video so I don’t know how effective it would be.

Mayweather needs to understand and I know this is hard for him, it would be best to keep a low profile. Try to avoid any confrontations even if he is in the right.

One last thing I know he is pushing hard for his artist Miss Jackson, but that is never going to blow up, so he might has well sell that SUV.

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  • Floyd needs to realize that they're trying to fuck with him…..they know he has a temper and they're trying to coax him into fucking up….he should have just pulled out his ID and went about his like you said they can use this shit against him….

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