Video: Gilbert Arenas 75 Foot Shot That Didn’t Count

More impressive than the shot was Gilbert’s reactions to it being waved off. Oscar worthy? Maybe not. Worthy of a part in Baby Boy 2 the Six Shooter? Definitely.

Off topic, but who is Stan Van Gundy’s tailor? He should be fired immediately.

Arenas’ time in the Orlando has been uneventful.

He in my opinion was the key player in the multiple trades that the Magic completed. They need him to be closer to Agent 0 than the injury prone player the past couple of years if they really want to make a push in the East.

Since he is under contract for a few more years, they have to figure out a way to make it work.

3 thoughts on “Video: Gilbert Arenas 75 Foot Shot That Didn’t Count

  • This player Gilbert Arenas deserves a recongnition for the record. If you replay the video you will see the ball was in the air when the clock marked 00.2 Thank you!!!!

    • Ummm it was no good because it hit the shot clock not the time

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