Video: Haloti Ngata Gives Ben Roethlisberger a Bloody Nose

Roethlisberger should look on the bright side— at least he didn’t end up like this:

When Haloti Ngata hits you in the face, it probably does feel like getting hit with a left hook. Roethlisberger took the smack and immediately:

Bathroom Ben is currently rocking the Steffi Graf nose that might need some reconstructing on Monday. Speaking of Graf, she had a nice pair of legs on her, but that nose of hers could be used to detect dead bodies in landfills.


Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also will have surgery to repair a broken nose, sustained in the first series when he was sacked by the Ravens Haloti Ngata, who hit the quarterback in the face with his left hand.

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  • Just saw a video of him walking to the sideline. His nose was literally laying to the side. That was awful!

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