Video: Jets Strength Coach Sal Alosi Intentionally Trips Dolphins DB Nolan Carroll

If this was under official review I don’t think the call on the field could be overturned, but it surely looks like Jets Strength Coach Sal Alosi may have trip Nolan Carroll on purpose during a punt return. He sticks that knee out just as Carroll is running past.

*Pic Courtesy of ProFootballTalk*

They definitely didn’t do anything to get out of his way.

Maybe we should bring in the Forensic Unit to take a little better look at the film.

The film is a but fuzzy and it could just have been an accident, but maybe the football gods seeing what happened decide to punish the Jets.

Is there any other reason for the Jets to lose at home in bad weather to the Dolphins while only putting up six points?

The Jets are reeling, they were once looking like a Super Bowl favorite now they are in a dog fight for the last wild card slot.


Sal Alosi speaks:

“I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment. My conduct was inexcusable and unsportsmanlike and does not reflect what this organization stands for. I spoke to Coach Sparano and Nolan Carroll to apologize before they took off. I have also apologized to Woody [Johnson], Mike [Tannebaum and Rex [Ryan.] I accept responsibility for my actions as well as any punishment that follows.”

Trying to clean it up because he was caught, but very dirty and unprofessional on his part and he should be disciplined.

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