Video: Mike Singletary and Troy Smith Heated Exchange feat: Ted Ginn

When the players lose respect for the coach that is a good signal it is time to make a change.  Singletary back and forth with his quarterback situation as well as his motivational coaching style just isn’t working.

Doesn’t matter what happens in the last game of the year a change needs to be made.

With that being said what was Ted Ginn doing?

I understand he and Troy Smith were boys at Ohio State, but trying to wipe him down like he was his Freddie Roach, I don’t think was helping in the situation.

I do find it interesting that Ginn of all people is the one telling Singletary to back off.  If Ted Ginn is giving instructions to the head coach that is all you need to know about the 49ers.

3 thoughts on “Video: Mike Singletary and Troy Smith Heated Exchange feat: Ted Ginn

  • How can the York’s move away from Singletary at this point? Singletary has not completed his reinvention of football.

    The Ram’s loss is squarely on Singletary’s crumbling shoulders. How does a really bad team defer on the coin toss? This is at least four plays the team lost and a couple of minutes the other team does not have the ball. I don’t care what Singletary says his “thought process was” this is a blunder worthy of termination. Take the seven points off the board the Ram’s score on the coin deferment and the Troy Smith safety and the 49ers win.

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