Video: Peyton Manning 27 Yard Naked Bootleg to Beat Raiders

First I am going to need Dan Dierdorf to calm down. Yes, very smart move by Manning, no need risk getting hurt or fumbling, but if Dierdorf drove a minivan he would have one of those my kid is on the honor roll stickers on the back of it, but instead it would say:

“I love Peyton Manning in a manly way of course.”

I want to know when the last time Manning was timed in the 40. Unless you play for Mike Shanahan, star QBs and players don’t have to go through five million conditioning tests.

If Manning ran the 40 right now my guess he would be timed around a 7.2 maybe 7.9. Luckily for the Colts, Manning gets paid to make magic with his arm not his legs.

The Colts control their own destiny to make the playoffs.

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  • 14 seasons, 722 Career rushing yards. 100% funny everytime he tucks the ball and runs

  • Awesome article, I appreciate you taking the time to write this post. I will be reading your blog as much as I can from now on! Appreciate it.

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