Video: Saints WR Lance Moore Catch of the Year?

I would have to see all the best catches of the year, but this is definitely up there.

The concentration level has to be so high to catch a tip ball, keep control, getting your feet down and doing it in a very small area. Lance Moore is one of those guys who isn’t going to make any pro bowls or all-pro teams but every team needs to have a few of these guys.

Defenses never account for him and he always makes a play or two each game that makes you say maybe someone should pay attention to him.

One thought on “Video: Saints WR Lance Moore Catch of the Year?

  • Sometimes, the person that we less expected in a certain game will always be the one who will make some difference. Anyway, this attitude sometimes of a player is a threat to their opponent. Because this kind of player will make his move/attack when the opponent is not prepared. Just in case if they have already prepared, it is too late at all. This blog make sense, that don’t take things so easy. Because too much confidence too will lead to your own downfall.


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