Video: Tashard Choice Gets Michael Vick To Autograph His Gloves After Game


A lot of fans don’t know this, but it is pretty common for opposing players to get autographs from each other. Normally it is for a friend, charity or personal collection.

It is also common for opposing players to be friends with each other, eat dinner, hang out and do things things normal friends do.

Tashard Choice is a relatively young guy and he is from the Atlanta area. It isn’t a reach to say he was a big fan of Michael Vick growing up and you can tell by the way he approaches Vick he holds him in high regard.

His mistake was asking for the autograph right when the NBC cameras were fixated on Michael Vick. He should have probably waited, but maybe he thought he didn’t have another chance, so he asked on the spot.

In the whole realm of things, I don’t think it is a big deal, but it will be made into a big deal mainly because the Cowboys lost and their fan base is the type to over analyze everything.

That is part of the burden of playing with the star on your helmet. Hopefully they will cut Choice some slack who has been nothing be a model player and teammate on a dysfunctional team.



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