Where is Peerless Price? They Are Trying To Foreclose On Your House

I tell people all the time— out of all the professional athletes that they watch in their lifetime, only about 5% are memorable.  The rest just Fade into Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

Honestly, when was the last time you had a passing thought about Peerless Price?

I covered Peerless Price’s career going back to when he was catching passes from Peyton Manning at Tennessee and winning National Championships with Tee Martin, but until today I haven’t thought about him in years.

He had a decent, if not unspectacular, career with four NFL teams– most notably the Buffalo Bills. And now, he has gone missing and it appears he might also be broke.

A lawyer reached out to Deadspin of all people to try to track him down so he can serve him with foreclosure papers.  Here is the email he sent to Deadspin:


If any of you have heard about where Peerless Price may currently be, then please let me know. I am trying to foreclose on his house, and cannot find him in order to serve him. Pleadings attached.

I hope Price is avoiding them and isn’t really missing.  He wouldn’t be the first person to sidestep a bill collector *raises hand slowly*.

But if anyone has heard from him please let us know, so we can let him know people are looking for him.

4 thoughts on “Where is Peerless Price? They Are Trying To Foreclose On Your House

  • he's on his way turkey, trying to start a team there of passed up athletes…just kidding… but like what you said I hope he is not MISSING… we have too much of that recently (RIP Lorenzen)…

  • A certified #2. He never did a darn thing after leaving the opposite side of E.Moulds in Buffalo. He was a free agent bust for the Falcons. I remember watching games wondering why in the world did the Dirty Birds sign PP? But I hope he’s ok regardless of all that.

    A few of us should get together & form a company that shows pro ballers how to manage their $ during their careers & afterwards. No excuse to make millions while playing but end up broke within 5 years out of League(any league.)

  • He is not broke. He is doing quite well for himself. The property in question was a business investment. Smart businessmen know when to let bad investments go, and that is what he did. He still owns his home, and he thoroughly enjoys life. Truthfully speaking, he probably has more money than he did when he was in the league because of his smart investments. Letting one go does not mean he is in money trouble….he simply let go of a bad investment. Just take a trip to Atlanta and you will see him enjoying life, with all of his money and then some!! Those who truly know Price know how smart he is with money. He will probably never go broke!!! Sorry hater (The Other P; he still has millions :)!

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