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13 Year Old Grendon Bailie Told No “Steeler” Gear for School’s Seahawks Day

by Robert Littal | Posted on Saturday, January 15th, 2011
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Fan is short for “fanatic” or at times “idiots”.

A kid comes to school on Seahawks appreciation day with a Steelers hoodie on and is threatned with suspension?  Is that the world we are living in currently?

I could have sworn the reason kids went to school was for an education not to be trained to be bitter Cavs style fans.

Administrators at Truman Middle School in Tacoma say Grendon Bailie, 13, violated the strict school dress code. Truman is a uniformed school. School district spokesperson Tracy Flores says students were told they could wear blue and green Friday. If not, they had to wear their uniforms. “This is exactly what I wore today,” said Grendon in his sweatshirt with the number 32 on it. He says he asked the vice principal the day before if he could wear Steelers gear and was told it was either Seahawks colors or the school uniform.

Grendon didn’t think it was fair.

All those Seahawks fans got to wear their stuff, so why can’t I?,” said Grendon.

Grendon’s dad, Sto, told his son he’d back him up, whatever he decided to do. He even wrote Grendon a note for the principal.

“I’m walking by and he says ‘I told you, you couldn’t wear that.’ And then he said ‘you either have to change or you get in-school suspension’ which is like sitting in a room all day. I just walked outside and called my dad to pick me up,” said Grendon.

Granted he violated the dressed code, but is it really that serious, that he has to lose a day of learning for?  The kid was being hard headed, but there are bigger things to be worried about and to be honest the kid reasoning is sound.

It was a jersey day, let him wear his jersey, when you don’t you are teaching him to be a follower and trust me we have enough of those in our society.

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  1. Dani Monique says:

    Well said Rob, I totally agree with you. There are many school violations a lot worse than "not being a SeaHawks fan". I'm happy to read there are still a few young children with their own mind left in this world.

  2. Steelers are Gay says:

    Well it is a private school not a do whatever the hell you want to do school. this little fat loser wanted to be sent home, obvy. if he doesnt like it go to a public school. but then im sure the lard ass would've gotten beat up for this stunt at a public school. he was jus trying to erk people since the steelers won the super bowl over the seahawks. this isnt some some freedom of speech type a shit. this was a lil fat kid trying to get sent home so he could stuff his fat face. GO RAVENS!!!

  3. Art Modell's Co says:

    I'm here to say I agree that the kid should have been sent home but in more respectful way than the offense one by the offensively named person above. It is a uniformed school (not necessarily private) therefore there is probably a chance that one reason you send your child there is for better discipline. It is in Tacoma Washington, not Beaver Falls PA. Since when is telling a kid to follow the rules in school teaching him to be a follower? His weight has nothing to do with it and calling people names shows ignorance. Above all, one of the few things that justify paying professional athletes such obscene salaries and using public money to build their palatial homes is community pride. Having something to unite the city is one of the best effects a franchise can have. A person who intentionally wears another team's gear to a special day to show support for the local team is saying he (or his dad) doesn't care about his town. Better to dress in the school uniform. Finally, take it easy on Cavs fans. They may have been somewhat over the top but if you haven't lived it, you don't know what it's like. I guess I'll slightly root for the Steelers. At least they are Pittsburgh's legitimate franchise, not a stolen one. Enjoy the game y'all.

  4. Art Modell's Co says:

    Make that "offensive one" in line 2.

  5. joel says:

    this was about following directions not education officials misappropriation of power, plain and simple. the kid asked for an exception to a rule and didn't like the answer. the school decided that if every single child in this private school decided that instead of following directions or seeking changes through the appropriate channels they would just skirt them, then how is that a valuable education. and am i to assume that the parents sought this private school because the family valued the schools pedagogical approach? if so, then either they should pull their child or allow their child some other outlet to express his love for the steelers. but what i do find interesting is that the reporting here and the story merit less attention than the paragraph i just wrote.

  6. Agent Provocateur says:

    Perfect chance for learning. He learned that getting permission from your parents does not allow you to break the rules.

  7. greg says:

    i don't see any attribution for this story and many others on this site. do you think it's OK to reprint others' work without credit?

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  10. Junaedy says:

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