13 Year Old Grendon Bailie Told No “Steeler” Gear for School’s Seahawks Day

Fan is short for “fanatic” or at times “idiots”.

A kid comes to school on Seahawks appreciation day with a Steelers hoodie on and is threatned with suspension?  Is that the world we are living in currently?

I could have sworn the reason kids went to school was for an education not to be trained to be bitter Cavs style fans.

Administrators at Truman Middle School in Tacoma say Grendon Bailie, 13, violated the strict school dress code. Truman is a uniformed school. School district spokesperson Tracy Flores says students were told they could wear blue and green Friday. If not, they had to wear their uniforms. “This is exactly what I wore today,” said Grendon in his sweatshirt with the number 32 on it. He says he asked the vice principal the day before if he could wear Steelers gear and was told it was either Seahawks colors or the school uniform.

Grendon didn’t think it was fair.

All those Seahawks fans got to wear their stuff, so why can’t I?,” said Grendon.

Grendon’s dad, Sto, told his son he’d back him up, whatever he decided to do. He even wrote Grendon a note for the principal.

“I’m walking by and he says ‘I told you, you couldn’t wear that.’ And then he said ‘you either have to change or you get in-school suspension’ which is like sitting in a room all day. I just walked outside and called my dad to pick me up,” said Grendon.

Granted he violated the dressed code, but is it really that serious, that he has to lose a day of learning for?  The kid was being hard headed, but there are bigger things to be worried about and to be honest the kid reasoning is sound.

It was a jersey day, let him wear his jersey, when you don’t you are teaching him to be a follower and trust me we have enough of those in our society.

11 thoughts on “13 Year Old Grendon Bailie Told No “Steeler” Gear for School’s Seahawks Day

  • Perfect chance for learning. He learned that getting permission from your parents does not allow you to break the rules.

  • i don't see any attribution for this story and many others on this site. do you think it's OK to reprint others' work without credit?

    • Are you slow or blind..there is a link back in every story, you can apologize when you get a chance.

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