16 Year Old Girl Accuses Washington Huskies Athlete of Rape

You hear stories like this a lot. A 16 year old girl lies to her parents about going over a friend’s house to go party with the boys on campus.

There is normally liquor and sometimes drugs involved.

From that point things can get out of control. If you read the police report (check it out here) that is exactly what happened.

The girl, who is from the Eastside, and the athlete had become friends on Facebook, the girl said. They met up Saturday night, which is when the girl said she was raped, according to police documents.

The girl told KIRO 7 that she’s been a longtime fan of the UW athlete and was thrilled when he accepted her invitation to be friends on Facebook. The girl said the two started texting.

The girl told her parents she was going to a movie Saturday night, but instead went with a friend to meet up with the athlete at an apartment near Garfield High School, according to police documents.

The girl said that once she was inside the apartment, the athlete asked her how she would feel if she went home no longer a virgin. She said she told him repeatedly to stop and that she just wanted to meet an athlete she admired.

According to the victim’s mother, the girl was given some alcohol, then later taken into a bedroom, where the player raped her.

It is always innocent until proven guilty.  These cases are always tricky, because it is he said/she said type of accusations.  Not exactly sure why the accuser is talking to the news during a police investigation, but there are several things that are a problem here.

If the athlete knew the accuser was only 16 should have never invited her to campus, the accuser should have accepted the invitation.

I am sure the text messages will be pulled to see what exactly the nature of their relationship was.

Definitely need more evidence before passing judgment.  If the athlete did what he is being accused of, should be thrown under the jail, if she is lying she can’t be arrested, but some sort punishment should be handed down.

7 thoughts on “16 Year Old Girl Accuses Washington Huskies Athlete of Rape

  • If she filed a false police report she can be brought up on charges and if that's the case she should be arrested I don't care how old you are lying about rape is just as repulsive as the act itself. Its a disservice to real rape victims.

    • She is a minor, don't think they can do much of anything except juvie, if she was 18 she could be charged

  • Guaranteed this girl is a WSU plant.

    • I am a huge U of W fan, but that statement is as ridiculous as the 16 year old girls. It is an accusation without any support. This is the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Hmmmmm….last time I checked it's still ILLEGAL for an ADULT to have sex (consensual or not) with a MINOR. This is typical athlete getting preferential treatment (Eg – Tiger Woods stumbling drunkenly out of his busted chachingmobile and the "authorities" giving him a pass)

    • Age of consent in Washington State is 16. Do your homework dumbass.

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