25 Unreleased Kim Kardashian Playboy Pictures..


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You know I can’t lie to you guys, it isn’t in my nature.

The only reason I mentioned Miles Austin was so I could post the pictures, I am pretty sure he doesn’t care, he has already seen the goods (hopefully).

In 2007 Kimmy did a Playboy spread and Hef kept some of the outtakes that he conveniently decided to release.

Kimmy is not too happy about it, but if you recall back then she was rolling around on tape with Ray J, so she wasn’t in a position to demand full control of the pics.

What does this mean for the Cowboys?

Nothing really, not like Austin is dating Natalie Nunn or anything, so I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it Cowboys fans.

Here are the work safe Playboy pics, if you want to see the NSFW pics you have to click here.

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  • Sad to see a pretty woman like Kim with a piece of trash like west. Who would name their kid north west. How degrading. That’s what’s wrong with this world now. Screwed up morals and they have none. Look how he dresses, like a thug, shoes not tied, pants sagging. I mean really and that’s the best Kim can do. Wow. How sad.

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