Andy Reid to Bench Michael Vick if He Struggles Wild Card Weekend?

I am not sure if this is ESPN just tying to stir up drama for Wild Card Weekend or it’s legit information.

If this is legit regardless of what happens next Sunday Andy Reid should be fired.  I think Kevin Kolb can be an excellent starter in the NFL, but to even put that seed of doubt into Vick is just screwing with the confidence of your entire team.

Why would Reid even think of doing such a thing?  Here are the details:

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN told Jon Kincade of ESPN Radio on Sunday that coach Andy Reid could bench Vick for Kolb, if Vick struggles in the wild-card game.

Paolantonio said that the ESPN NFL Matchup crew noticed that Vick isn’t recognizing blitzes, and that Reid twice let Vick know about it during Tuesday night’s loss to the Vikings.

Is anyone going to bench Reid for allowing the corner to blitz 123 times and no one on the offensive staff ever make the adjustment?

Vick probably did miss a couple of blitzes, but here is shocking news that happens sometimes.  Quarterbacks are going to make mistakes doesn’t matter if you are Drew Brees or Peyton Manning.

The difference is with most teams the head coach is 100% behind his star quarterback through thick and thin.  Reid seems to get a high off playing with his quarterbacks emotions and lying to them.

He has a long history of that.

Win or lose the Eagles need to ride with Michael Vick because without him they wouldn’t be playing in a game to even consider benching him in.

6 thoughts on “Andy Reid to Bench Michael Vick if He Struggles Wild Card Weekend?

  • This is craziness! Stubborn Andy has waaaaaayyyyy too much power. Vick turned the ball over 3 times Tuesday, HOWEVER he threw for 260+ yards, scored both of the teams TD, and ran for 60+ yards. Clearly, the loss was not his fault.

    Stubborn Andy needs to take pressure off Vick by running the ball. Crazy…

    • ESPN have to be causing trouble, don't know why Andy would tell anyone that.

  • Is this really true? If so what a mess

  • Andy Reid aka Walrus aka Theodore Roosevelt is insanse. Vick is in contention for the MVP. Vick isn't Jason Campell, Jamarcus Russel, or Mcnabb.

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