Antonio Cromartie Wants To Smash Matt Hasslebeck Face In

Antonio Cromartie has been real upset lately.

Cursing out Tom Brady, saying Hines Ward isn’t a man, going in on his own union and now he is ready to beat up Matt Hasslebeck over a tweet.

It all started harmlessly enough. Profootballtalk reported Hasslebeck had this to say via twitter about Cromartie’s criticism of the NFLPA.

“Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for.”

Hasslebeck in a “moist” move deleted the tweet, but as we all know you can’t delete anything online. It took a little while, but Cromartie got wind of what Hasslebeck had to say and this was his reply.

Once again why is Cromartie so upset?

I have a working theory. The Jets paid Cromartie a big portion of his 2010 salary upfront to pay for his various child support cases, so his salary during the year was not a lot.

He is a free agent and is in line for a big contract with a nice signing bonus, if there is a lockout there is no free agency, no new contract and no big signing bonus.

Meaning no new money coming into the Cromartie household.

I can understand his frustrations in wanting to get a deal done, but lashing out at other players isn’t going to make it happen any faster.  If anything the Owners will see this as the NFLPA not being unified.

Cromartie needs to understand this isn’t just about him and his particular situation, but every player in the NFL.

Hasslebeck tried to be funny, got scared and deleted the tweet, but sometimes you just need to relax, drink a Capri Sun (I know they have capri sun in their household) and hope for the best.

No need to be smashing in faces and cursing any time someone puts a microphone in front of your face. Cromartie is already fighting negative stereotypes about him, don’t make it easier for people to think those stereotypes are true.

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