Basketball Wives: Eric Williams Takes His Talents To Twitter

As you can imagine when Eric Williams husband of Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams decided to take his talents to twitter it created quite a stir.

People are curious about the real star of Basketball Wives and here is a sample of his tweets @OC2000

U,c,ppls,the,Opinions,of,da,World,I,can,careles,Im,nt,of,da,World,Im,just,n,it,,2improve,on,da,Glorious,design,4,Him,who Created It!

Oh sh*t! They firing up that Weed-olaaaaaaaaaaa!! Should I have some???

I told you they done unleash the 3headed Dragon like Shaitan!I breath the breath of fire thru the lungs(atom) den blow the Heat on they ass!

@colg8smile Yeah got stab in the forehead!! Brick City life before the Bullsh*t Fame! Lol. That’s where the bump from.

@theNFLchick tell’m Boo! You following sh*t!

@NoObstacles92 I’m the Real. Don’t need twitter wack ass 2 verify me!! Dats the problem now! Ppl need attention! I don’t giv a f*ck! Lol

@HiYelaGurl take dat nap Boo!Cause if u don’t u gonna be cranky as hell. Lol. Then try to blame my ass… Besides stop being nosey! Hahaha

@sweetbob Sundays is the day I giv the Mis Education of the World. Tune in…

@ivorytabb LMAHO!! Hey its all good!What’s ur column?u don’t even kno me2call me a jerk! But I relish in the Name. Lol… Thank u ur Grace!

@britneyfrancis Cause Obama aint keep’n it real with the ppl!! Hahaha.

Special S/O to all my new Twit partners. I Love the Love! My # is rising like my John handCock n the morn’n! Haha no bullshit! Let’s get it

@Roycelr Nah. I will never put you in harms way!! Just dm ur #. We go from there.

@salaamlovesyou No dout big homey! i think my track records says that already my dude!

@MelJizzy I wanna piece of that raisin bread when its done my lady!! Lol

@QUANHILL You not ready sweets 4real!! lets jus keep it sexy! Lol

Call me crazy, but I think he is going to get real popular, really quickly on twitter. Hope he knows there are a lot of bitter, sleeping in cold bed women who might be plotting against him, so he better be careful with who he sends those DMs to.

He doesn’t want to become a contestant on that Summer Jam screen.

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  • I literally LOL every time you use a Jay Z takeover reference.

  • Nice site. Where are you based?

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