Boston Blazers Lacrosse Team Brings Out Strippers For Halftime Lap Dances

Shockingly people seem to have a problem with this.  I thought it was a brilliant idea myself, if you are trying to attract more male attendance to the games.

I didn’t even know there was a professional lacrosse league in the United States, you learn something new every day.

A local radio disc jockey emceed the first of a reported season-long lap dance contest at the indoor lacrosse team’s home opener Saturday night. The Blazers’ mascot, Scorch, seated himself near midfield while three contenders took turns performing raunchy one-on-one routines.

The women, who reportedly were not affiliated with the team, did not actually remove their clothes, but fans complained the antics simulated the sort of moves commonly associated with strippers. Angry fans vented on the team’s Facebook page following the game, with one calling the halftime act “an absolute disgrace to the Blazers.”

I bet 99% of those “angry fans” were women, I bet their husbands weren’t on Facebook complaining.  Stripping is a legal business, it is like prostitution without the sex (sometimes), but in a heated area where the cops can’t arrest you.

Personally I am not big on strip clubs, when you are a Dollarnaire, you can’t be giving your hard earned money to Pocahontas when there are bills to be paid.

I am pro lap dances, but in the privacy of your Holiday Inn and preferably by a young lady who only requires room service as payment.

4 thoughts on “Boston Blazers Lacrosse Team Brings Out Strippers For Halftime Lap Dances

  • please attribute what you report.

    • Once again feel free to apologize for you being blind. how dumb can you be, first off the quotes are clearly in a different color outside of my thoughts and there is a link to those quotes. Try harder to discredit GREG

  • I agree, its legal but shouldn't be done in front of kids. poor judgement by the team and the radio station

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