Cam Newton Signs With Brett Favre’s Agent Bus Cook

I am trying to determine if this is a good or bad thing.

It is hard to tell if Cook was an enabler all these years for Favre or if Favre just was uncontrollable and Cook did the best he could to keep things under wraps and the money rolling in.

Cook’s reputation is dependent on who you are talking to.  Either he is best agent of all time or should be in the penitentiary.

With Favre retiring allegedly, Cook needed a new high profile guy to collect his 3% from.

Agent Bus Cook has added a second big-name quarterback to his list of clients.

According to CBS Sports, Auburn QB Cam Newton has signed Cook as his agent ahead of the 2011 NFL draft. Cook is the longtime agent of Brett Favre, who recently filed retirement papers with the NFL.

Favre helped in the recruitment of Cameron. Hope he warned him about text messaging sideline reporters. I am sure Favre and Cecil Newton will get along great.

They both are pimps.

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