Carmelo Anthony: “My Ultimate Dream is to Play in New York”

Similar to a man going to the movies with his lady to see “Black Swan”, I just want the entire Carmelo Anthony saga to be over.

A couple of things should be made clear.

While I disagree with some of the behind the scenes strong arming that has gone on, publicly and professionally Carmelo has handle it pretty well.

He does look miserable on the court, but he hasn’t taken the bait by the media to escalate an already bad situation.  He is starting to show signs of cracking, with his rant about how has wife has nothing to do with his decisions (no one believes that) and now talking about his desire to play in New York.

Carmelo Anthony’s “ultimate dream” would be to play in New York, the Denver Nuggets forward said Friday in an interview with ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez.

Anthony and his wife, LaLa Vazquez, are from the area and have strong ties to Brooklyn.

“That’s like the ultimate dream at the end of the day,” Anthony said. “Who wouldn’t want to go back home to play?

Melo didn’t say if he wanted to play for the Knicks or Nets, but it has always been clear that the Knicks are his preferred destination.

At this point I have given up trying to guess what is going happen. I will just wait for the official announcement, because according to the media the trade has been completed fourteen times already.

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  • what man wanted Black Swan to end after the lesbian scene? Oh yeah that's right, gay ones smh.

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