Carmelo Anthony to Michael Jordan: “Thanks But No Thanks to the Bobcats”


I don’t think people understand.

Carmelo Anthony is going to be a New York Knick.

Not a Bobcat, not a Net, not a Laker and not a Maverick. He wants to be a Knick and if that means being miserable for the rest of the year I think he is prepared to do that.

Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, was prepared to make a move to get Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, but was informed by a representative of the All-Star forward that Anthony had no interest in joining the Bobcats or signing an extension with them, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Anthony is one of many players attached to the Jordan Brand and has a good relationship with Jordan as one of the product line’s top endorsers.

If Carmelo Anthony was willing he would already be a New Jersey Net, I don’t even know why the Nets continue to put together proposals.

He is not signing an extension with anyone besides the Knicks.

If he ends up with any other team at this point it will be a miracle.


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