Cromartie on Hines Ward: “He’s Not Man Enough to Hit You While You’re Looking”

Hines Ward has been a very good, clutch, tough wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers for many years. Even though Alge Crumpler could probably beat him in the 40 at this point in his career, he continues to make big plays when they are most needed.

No question, he deserves a lot of praise for being a key contributor for the Steelers for more than a decade now.

With that being said he is a studio gangster (read the definition).  He has a reputation of laying players out on the field, but the majority of those hits are blindside borderline dirty crack back blocks.

The Jets have notice like the majority of the league that Ward rarely if ever throws a vicious hit when it is man to man.

ProFootballTalk has a few quotes from the Jets.

On Thursday, it was defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.  Our guys I think called him the toughest guy in the league when nobody’s looking,” Pettine said, per Ian Begley of

On Friday, it was cornerback Antonio “Cee Lo” Cromartie, who told Adam Schein and Chris Carlin of SNY’s Loudmouths, “I know for a fact that he will hit you while you’re not looking.  I don’t think he’s man enough to hit you while you’re looking at him.”

Safety Eric Smith stopped short of saying what would happen if Ward lays a guy out with a no-look block.

“If I finish what I said and then do what I planned on doing, I’m going to get fined,”

“We saw some of those plays, like in the Ravens game, he’s out there hitting Dawan Landry in the back, he came across and hit Ray Lewis in the back,” Smith said. “Ed Reed was 30 yards down field and he’s going down and hitting him.  It’s just unnecessary things like that that make you mad as a defender.”

Ward has been voted one of the league’s dirtiest players for a few years in a row.  Because he is a media darling they use words like “hard nosed” as oppose to dirty.  When he trash talks after seriously injuring someone (see above pic) it is brushed aside.  Must be nice to have that type of media protection.

The Jets better watch their back, because Ward is not going to be hitting them from the front.

4 thoughts on “Cromartie on Hines Ward: “He’s Not Man Enough to Hit You While You’re Looking”

  • How are they dirty if he hits them legally? You are on the football field you should always be looking. I also beg to differ because look at this hit on ed reed face to face. PAY ATTN and you won't get laid out << face to face so Hines just don't hit you when your not looking he hits when you are as well. If your not ready that's on you. If a guy is going for a touchdown and the defender falls down is the receiver not suppose to keep running for the touchdown? or should he stop and say im a stop because he would have gotten me if he didn't fall? Keep your head up and you won't get jacked up

  • i dont't know about that i've seen him hit people (ed Reed while they were looking straight at him to be fair. yes he has hit people from the side and such but at the end of the day the defenders have way more chances to repay the favor if he does blind side them i.e. he is a wide receiver and he does go across the middle. so its kind of messed up they are trying to single him out as if he is the only wide receiver in the history of the nfl to blind side big name defensive players like reverend ray and ed reed. the same people who repeatedly hit big ben below the waste and deliver late hits to him with no penalty so everybody does something dirty in the league so i don't think this should even be an issue

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