Eagles’ Quarterback Kevin Kolb: “I Want to Start”

I think Kevin Kolb can be a viable starting quarterback in the NFL.  There is no way he could have succeeded this year, simply because the Eagles offensive line was so bad that only someone as elusive as Michael Vick could mask how atrocious it was.

Even Vick  took a vicious beating this season that eventually wore him down to the point he was no where near as effective as he was earlier in the year.

The Eagles seem committed to Vick at least in the short time, so Kolb has a right to want to move on.

Asked what would be a best-case scenario for next season, Kolb said: “To start.”

“I love it here, as everybody knows,” Kolb said after the Eagles’ 21-16 playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. “My family’s settled in here. I would love to be starting here. But I want to be starting somewhere.”

Kolb was then asked if he could take another season in Philadelphia as the backup.

“I can’t answer that question,” he said.

We don’t know if Kolb can be a elite quarterback, but if you are the Vikings, Cardinals, Panthers, 49ers and a few more teams he is better than what you currently have.

It will probably take a 1st round or high 2nd round pick to even get the Eagles consider moving him, but based on the professional way he handle his demotion even though he was blatantly lied to, I think the Eagles should allow him a chance to start with another team.

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