ESPN Bob Holtzman Reveals Steelers Trick Play Game Plan

For people who don’t know teams have production meetings with the various networks, where they will tell them some of the strategy they will employ on game day.

The understanding is that you never report about specific plays, you just speak in generalities, ESPN’s Bob Holtzman didn’t get that memo and I am sure the Steelers are not happy about it.

Bob Holtzman of ESPN reports that the Steelers will employ against the Ravens a trick play.

“Two Steelers have told me, if they catch the Ravens in the right defense, they have a trick play ready to go today that they’ve never run before.”

Holtzman said the play involves a pass thrown by someone who ordinarily doesn’t thrown the ball, and that receiver Antwaan Randle El will be involved in some way other than throwing the ball.

As one league source told us, unsolicited, regarding the report, “What a moron.  Steelers will be pissed.  How the f–k do you do that?”

What Holtzman should have said was something like this.

“The Steelers may have a trick or two up their sleeve against that aggressive Baltimore defense”

Instead he has put Baltimore on alert and anything that looks suspect they will be able to sniff out, in the grand scheme of things shouldn’t have an effect on the game, just some lazy journalism on Holtzman part.

8 thoughts on “ESPN Bob Holtzman Reveals Steelers Trick Play Game Plan

  • 1. Perfect Passes that are perfectly missed? One reporter counted are receiver missing the same ball 5 time and dropping it.

    2. Stupidity uncordinated play sending a player with the ball time and again

    into a brick wall of players or the same player lookes for the crowd to run into it and go NO WHERE.

    3. It's not very hard to pick Joe Flacco up and throw him over the top fora first down or touchdown. Heck with a quarter back sneak.

    4. Get Pat Devlin as a backup quarter back so Joe will have atleast another player he can have support from.

    5. When Joe looks over and over for someone to throw too he finally gives up and runs it himself and get the JOB DONE.

    6. Why take a ball directly to to the frist down marker and place it down short of first.

    7. Stuff I see happening now would never happen before Sports Betting.

    8. Why the referee has to go into the confessional to see a red flag call. Why can't we see it also unless he is watching a prefabricated answer to what did not happen. Lap Top computer

    operators can change the world and what he'll look at> AMEN

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