ESPN’s Stuart Scott Battling Cancer Once Again


People get on Stu Scott a lot, myself included because some of his material is dated, but make no mistake,  he is a pioneer for African-American journalists, anchors and reporters.

For a long time if you are a black reporter, you had to sound and speak like Dan Rather. even if that wasn’t how you wanted to speak.  Stu made it cool to drop a Wu-Tang reference and speak like you were at the barbershop while talking about sports.

That is something that everyone should give him a “dap” for.

Scott successfully battled cancer in 2007 and now has to battle it again.

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott will undergo chemotherapy and other preventative treatments after doctors recently discovered and removed cancerous tissue.

Scott, who anchors SportsCenter, NBA Countdown, and portions of Monday Night Countdown, will attempt to “maintain as normal a work schedule” as possible while undergoing treatment.

“Once again, I join the fight,” Scott said in an ESPN statement, “and like 3 years ago, I plan to beat this thing.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.  Never heard any speak a bad word about him personally and he is one of the nicest individuals that I have had the pleasure of meeting at ESPN.


  1. How I feel about Stu's schtick is irrelevant. I just hope he beats it, too. My prayers go out to him, as well.

    • I too don`t like him or his "homeboy schtick" but having seen and having a loved one that went through chemo and radiation, I wish him nothing but the best..Good Luck Stu!!

  2. Stew we love you and we will beat this beast. God is not through with you yet nor is he ready for you to come home I love you and I am my brothers keeper.

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