Former Baller Rashad McCants Stars w/ Traci Lords in Bi-Sexual Gangster Movie





*See what had happened*

How old is Traci Lords?

Please hold while I go to Wikipedia…………………………..

So we have a 42 year old washed up porn star and a failed NBA player staring in a series where a Bi-Sexual McCants in a Katt Williams wig is the ring leader of a shoplifting ring.

Yeah sounds about right. has the rest of the details.

I’m not quite sure where to begin on this. Former NBA forward Rashad McCants was attempting a come back via the D-League earlier in the season with the Texas Legends, that didn’t work and neither did a planned stint overseas playing for a team in China.

Instead Rashad decided to switch careers to Hollywood and film his acting debut.  And WOW at his selection. Starring in a web series titled “Booster Club”, Rashad plays the Bisexual leader of a high end shoplifting ring, the series also stars former porn star Traci Lords.

Rich King Entertainment?

As a wise man told me once as long as the checks clear it is all good.

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  • Wow! This gave me a great laugh!

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