Groupie Tales By Zeralyn: Marcus Spears Sidepiece Janessa

Another day, another dolla…And for some another day, another d**k… Meet Marcus Spears of the Cowboys side ho Janessa. Yes side ho because apparently Mr.Spears has a Mrs. Spears. I understand that many a ball player gets tired of looking at their wives. BUT AT LEAST get a woman that looks womanly.

This actually isn’t a bad pic but in person be weary. I don’t understand why so many athletes feel the need to get into circumstances with these women. So one major fight later be accused of rape, fathering a child, assault or etc.

I have no dirty scandalous pics are anything to confirm this knowledge, just confirmation from the horses (Janessa) mouth go to Spears Twitter page, you will see that he is in fact following her.

And if you men on Twitter would like a tip. Either follow a bunch of girls or none..Makes no sense you follow @Jesus, @Billgates and @Isuckmadd*ck. We know who you are DMing.. (Twitter TIP).

So in brief, keep your friends close and your jumpoffs closer. I’m watching you…