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Sanya Richards & Aaron Ross Engagement

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Aaron Ross Rookie Cornerback for the New York Giants and Sanya Richards USA 400m record holder, 2005 400m World Outdoor Silver Medalist and 3 time number 1 World Ranking in the 400m announced their engagement on Sunday, December 16th. 2007. Photo by Errol Anderson, The Sporting Image.

I figured with all these reality shows going on and all this KatStackin happening (that rhymed), it would be a good time to pull out a new list of the hottest baby mommas, wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of professional athletes.

Here are my top 3:

1- Pilar Sanders

I know Deion isn’t an active player, but he is working with the NFL Network and is my favorite player of all time, so I am making an exception, because Pilar is something serious.

If I could choose my perfect wife, Pilar would be close to it.  Can cook, body is outrageous, gorgeous face, smart, and handles the kids.  She had to be sent from heaven.

2- Vanessa Bryant

She didn’t listen when everyone told her to drop Bean (that’s Kobe) when he was getting his Colorado on, and in doing so proved she was a lot smarter than people gave her credit for.  Is currently on the Juanita Jordan wifey plan.

3- Kim Kardashian

Even though she isn’t currently with an athlete, I am including her on the list for one reason and one reason only.  She was able to milk a sex tape and relationship with Reggie Bush to get airtime during the Super Bowl postgame press conference.  Now that is pimpin’, pimpin’.

Just click on any of the pictures below to see who the young lady is and which athlete she is currently with.  If you think we missed someone, just drop a name in the comment box and we will get the young lady added ASAP.  Enjoy.

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  • what about jason kidd ex-wife i think her name jouwanna

  • lala is ooooooooooogly

  • He keeps her pretty hidden but Derrick Mason's wife is sexy!

  • Well, Ashley Judd happens to be my favorite actress, but in terms of hotness I'd have to but Vanessa Bryant as #1. And you're right about the comparison to Juanita Bryant. She'll stick around until Kobe retires from basketball, and then they'll get divorced within a few years after that..

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