Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Want Hank Baskett to Profit From Her Sex Tape

I want to make sure I understand this.

Wilkinson is former Playboy bunny who was breaking lamps with Hugh Hefner.  She made l sex tape (you can download the tape here and view the pics NSFW) and in general doesn’t seem like an enjoyable person to be married to.

She made a deal with Vivid Video to profit off the sex tape.

One thing though, she didn’t tell her future husband that she even had a sex tape and that she planned for it to be released to make a quick buck.

Hank Baskett has been a journeyman NFL player for many years and if he wasn’t married Kendra no one would even talk about him, but there is no excuse for being the “woman” in his marriage.

If he hasn’t been embarrassed enough now Wilkinson doesn’t want him to make any money of her sex tape that she swore she never wanted to be released (#lieswomentell)

Wilkinson wants a post-nuptial agreement, friends of the troubled couple dish on the pages of the Jan. 3 issue of In Touch Weekly.

Thanks to the leaked sex tape, the popularity of her E! reality docu-soap, Kendra, and a host of endorsement deals, Kendra now earns substantially more cash than hubby Hank, who has been traded from NFL team to NFL team no fewer than three times since the couple tied the knot in June 2009.

“Kendra is making a lot of money these days, but Hank’s not earning as much as he did when they got married. She’s just looking out for her own interests,” a pal explains of Kendra’s decision to ask Hank to sign a post-nup, essentially barring the 28-year-old proballer access to Kendra’s assets in the event of a divorce.

And to think I thought marriage was about love.

I would like to ask Wilkinson a question if she was married to Andre Johnson and during their marriage Johnson signed a multi-million dollar contract extension and he came to her with a “post-nup” agreement would she sign it?

I don’t know Hank Baskett, but if I was him I would be in my divorce attorney’s office right now seeing how I can bleed every single penny from Wilkinson.

You can’t allow Playboy models to take your cornbread.

This isn’t a marriage this is a bad business arrangement and if Baskett would like to keep any semblance of his manhood he knows what he has to do.

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