Kobe Bryant Sends Michael Vick Signed Jersey with Note: “Be Epic”

Kobe Bryant knows a lot about overcoming adversity to achieve even greater success.

It was a nice touch for Bryant to reach out the Michael Vick who truly has an opportunity to do something special this post season.  In a year that any of the playoffs teams have a legit shot at making a Super Bowl run (except Seattle), Vick has to take advantage.

You never know how many opportunities you will have and it is his time to make the most of it.

I think Kobe recognized this and that is why he sent him this message:

It arrived from Los Angeles Friday morning. A Kobe Bryant No. 24 jersey. Signed.

For Michael Vick.

Written on the white numeral 2 was: “To Mike” and “Be Epic!”

Written on the white numeral 4 was Bryant’s signature and the number 24.

The jersey was draped over Vick’s chair at his locker after practice Friday and quickly became the talk of the locker room.

Vick, a huge basketball fan, attended the recent 76ers-Lakers game at the Wells-Fargo Center on Dec. 17.

Asked why he’s more of a Kobe fan than a LeBron fan, he smiled and said, “I like LeBron. But Kobe’s got five rings.”

It is all about the rings.

It isn’t about stats, endorsements or royal court nicknames, if you get the ring you put yourself in a place that no one can ever take from you.  As a quarterback in becomes a part of who you will always be regardless if you are a legend like Joe Montana, a right place, right time guy like Jeff Hostetler, a journeyman like Brad Johnson or a one season along for the ride guy like Trent Dilfer.

When you have a ring they announce you as “Super Bowl” champ wherever you go.

We will see if Bryant is a prophet, because Vick will have his opportunity to “Be Epic” and if he is during these playoffs don’t be surprised to see him in Dallas.

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