Lebron James Says “Karma” Tweet Was Actually a Retweet Not His Words

LeBron on “Karma” tweet:

“It wasn’t even a comment from me. It was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out. It wasn’t toward that team. It definitely wasn’t a good showing by that team last night, I know they wish they would’ve played better.”

I have a Blackberry and the Twitter client Ubertwitter. Ubertwitter gives you two options when you want to “retweet” a message to your followers:

Original or New.

If you choose “New” it automatically Retweets it and everyone sees it as a Retweet. If you choose “original” this is what happens.

As you see it puts all the information of the original person tweets in your status. The only way to make the tweet look like your own is to manually erase all that information. Of course that would be stealing someone’s tweet because if the purpose is to Retweet why would you purposefully make it look like your own?

It is impossible for Lebron to claim this was a retweet, even if he did steal the tweet he wanted to make sure it looked like it came from his mouth by erasing the original tweeter’s name.  So at worse he is a liar and at best he is thief.

Lebron has to be the worst villain of all time. If you are going to be Billy Badasss, at least make your excuses plausible or man up and say that is how you really feel.  People will have more respect for you.  Right now you are The Brooklyn Brawler of villains and that maybe an insult to the the Brawler.

6 thoughts on “Lebron James Says “Karma” Tweet Was Actually a Retweet Not His Words

  • The comparison to the Brooklyn Brawler is not accurate. LeBron James is more "akin" to Pat Patterson. Steve Lombardi would be the first to admit that some give and some receive. LeBron is a giver not a taker. Dan Gilbert knows Ben Dover and he will tell you King James is a walking and talking ATM and he has the deposit slips to prove it.

  • I didn't know LeBron could back peddle so far fast…LOL

  • Man, everybody's making money of LeBron.

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